Article Credits

A special thanks to the students and professors at Michigan State University Extension, Home Horticulture for their excellent articles on pruning including:

Pruning Equipment
Pruning Mature Trees
Protecting Pruning Wounds
Pruning Deciduous Shrubs
Pruning Narrowleaf Evergreens
Pruning Broadleaf Evergreens
Pruning Hedges or Screen Plants
Pruning Roses
Pruning Ground Covers
Pruning At The Wrong Time
Split Trunks and Crotches

The following articles were developed through the educational programs conducted by the Texas Agricultural Extension Service. Zerle L. Carpenter, Director, Texas Agricultural Extension Service, the Texas A&M University System. The articles were written by: Douglas F. Welsh, Extension Horticulturist and Everett Janne, Extension Landscape Horticulturist.

Follow Proper Pruning Techniques
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