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Felco Pruners

Felco pruners produce a clean precise cut, guaranteeing rapid healing of the wood. The shape and covering of the handles mean you can keep working for a long time without tiring hands, wrists and joints.

Felco Snips

Felco snips are designed for collecting flowers and fruits, and for light gardening work on vines plants, shoots and the like. Lightweight tools with clean-cutting stainless steel blades, a soft spring and a strap loop. Felco snips feature easy, one-hand locking/unlocking and ergonomic handles suited to all hand shapes.

Felco Folding saws

Felco saw quality in a small package. Felco makes a wonderful folding saw. Now you can carry a Felco saw in your pocket.

Felco Hand Saws

Felco saws are great, too. Is there anything Felco can't do? Each Felco saw has a non-slip handle for safety and comfort while cutting. The blades are amazingly sharp with each tooth individually sharpened. These top-notch saws are specially manufactured for easy, non-stick cutting of green or dead wood.

Felco Loppers

Felco makes their loppers with solid, forged light metal handles, comfortable cushion stops and their famous Felco adjustment system. The screw-mounted anvil blade has a sap groove and slide-resistant blocking grooves. Because of their construction and great cutting performance these loppers have achieved top results when compared with similar loppers on the market.

Felco Accessories

Keep your Felcos looking as sharp as they cut, and cutting as well as they look. Sharpeners, lubricant and cleaners, holsters of every size and shape. Take good care of your Felco tools and they will take good care of you!