Florian Pole Pruners

A Florian Ratchet-Cut lopper on a pole - and the cutter can be easily and quickly switched with a razor-tooth saw for larger cuts. The Ratchet-Cut device will effortlessly cut through larger branches than you would believe possible. The pole extends to any length between six and twelve feet for extraordinary reach to remove branches nearly twenty feet off the ground. Detach the head and collapse the pole, now you're ready to go anywhere.

With the mini pole attached this pruner allows quick lopping of low branches, saplings or under-brush up to 1 1/4 inch in diameter. Put the saw on the mini pole and you can cut large branches up to 7 inches within a three foot reach. This is great for getting into heavy under-brush. Using the telescoping pole you can easily lop branches 18 to 20 feet over your head. Put the saw on the extending pole and you can cut large branches from a great distance. Look out below! The ratchet-cut technology multiplies your strength up to seven times and makes cutting almost effortless. Cutting capacity of lopper: 1 1/4 inches. Cutting capacity of 13-inch saw: 7 inches. Length: up to 13 1/2 feet. Weight: 3 1/2 pounds. Made in the USA, with the saw blade made in South Korea.
In just one tool, you can find four separate ways to effectively accomplish your pruning tasks. In the first two ways, either a pruner head or a saw head can be attached to the mini pole which is great for pruning within 3 feet overhead or in dense brush areas. The last two ways you can utilize this awsome tool is by using the pruner head or saw head with the long pole, perfect for up to 18 to 20 feet overhead. The patented Ratchet-Cut technology will surprise you at how little effort is required to cut branches up to 2 inches thick! Cutting capacity: 2 inches. Length: up to 14 feet. Weight: 7 pounds. Made in USA, saw blade made in South Korea.