Tina Tools

Tina tools are made in Germany. Their masterful craftsmanship is legendary.

Originally designed in 1922, this popular tool has no equal in choice of material used or quality of old-world craftsmanship. The saw cuts equally on either the push of pull stroke. Strong, light aluminum bow with unique, easy-to-use quick-snap blade replacement. The blade is designed for cutting green wood. Tooth settings on blade and special hardening process to guarantee a perfect cut. Quick and easy blade angle setting. Wooden handle with easy-to-reach tension clip. Includes one spare blade. Weight 16 ounces. Blade length 14 inches. Overall length 19 inches.
Extra heavy grafting knife with specially shaped polished walnut handle for your comfort. Folding 3 inch blade. 4 1/2 inch handle. Weight 4 ounces.
Standard grafting knife. Also ideal for making summer cuttings. Polished walnut handle. Folding 2 1/4 inch blade. Four inch handle. Weight 2 ounces.